Today there are many options for water heaters and boilers. Whether you have an electric, gas, or on-demand water heater, we can repair or replace it.  We will take the time to evaluate your existing water heater to see if repairing or replacing is your best option. Many times we can repair them to save you money. If your water heater does need to be replaced, there are many new energy efficient models that save you money and qualify for rebates and tax incentives. We can provide you with the best fit for your needs and budget.

Natural Gas and Propane water heaters

Gas water heaters provide a great combination of affordability and low energy costs. They also have a higher recovery rate than electric units. Warranties range from 3 to 12 years. Some models qualify for an energy star rating. Call us to discuss which model will fit your needs.

Electric Water heaters

Electric units have several advantages. They are more affordable to purchase and to install. They also come in more sizes to fit specific space needs. Electric water heaters also have warranties that range from 3- 12 years, and also have models that qualify for energy star ratings. We have all models to fit your needs.

Hybrid  water heaters

Electric hybrid models employ heat pump technology. Like an HVAC heat pump, they circulate refrigerant to collect heat from the air. The heat is then used to warm the water in the tank. An electric hybrid water heater will cost you more than a standard electric model, but it uses about half the energy.  This will lower your monthly electric bills and in turn begin to pay you back immediately.

Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters are offered in electric and gas models. Most electric are offered as a single point of use. The most common units are gas which can be used for heating the water in any size of home. Sizes and models vary to fit your usage needs. These units can take up a much smaller space than standard tank units. They also provide you with endless hot water. Tankless water heaters will have a higher initial investment. Many utility incentives and tax credits are available to help offset that cost. You will notice a savings in your monthly utility bill also since there is no hot water being stored and reheated while you’re gone.

Water heater parts and accessories

We service and repair all aspects of water heaters. These are some of the most common items we are called to service:

  • Drain pans
  • Temperature and pressure relief valves
  • Elements
  • Thermostats
  • Drains
  • Earthquake straps